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[Games] Defense Line Free

App Summary:

Name : Defense Line Free


Category : Arcade & Action
Size : 32 MB
Supported Android versions : 2.2+
App Version : 1.09
Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.machinestd.free


Description: “Defense Line Free” is an arcade and action strategy game that deals with warfare strategy where the droider is given a fixed amount of money with which he has to manage his troops. Wave upon wave of the enemy army is unleashed upon the player, which he has to defeat in order to taste the fruit of victory.

Target Audience: This app is mainly targeted at strategy game buffs who love designing warfare strategy.It is easy enough to understand and can be played by people of all age groups, who love warfare strategy.

User Interface: The game opens with the Main Menu, which has nicely designed buttons to select either ‘Campaign’ or ‘Survival’ mode, list all available achievements and a small tutorial detailing the different types of enemy waves and various medals available. Selecting the game mode opens a new screen with various maps available in which the game can be played. Selecting the map opens the playing screen which is nicely done without overly complicated stuff, making sure that the game remains easy to understand despite the various features available. The top of the screen shows the amount of money that is available in the player’s kitty and number of lives pending, the time pending before the next enemy wave is unleashed and the nature of the enemy wave. The path that the enemy wave would embark on is shown in the map through blue dotted lines which is useful for the player to devise his strategy. The bottom of the screen shows the various bonuses that the player has received and also the different types of weapons available for the player to make use of. The graphics are done very well without any screen lag and the background score works well to set the right mood for the game. Overall, the user interface is smooth, pleasing on the eye and most importantly keeps things uncomplicated and easy to understand. The in-screen graphics provide total justification to the huge game size.

Functionality: The game is available in two modes: Campaign and Survival. In the Campaign mode, there are multiple levels available and the player has to ensure that he defeats all waves of the enemy in that particular level before he can progress to the next level. The survival mode is more of a freestyle sort of game, where the player has to ward off as many waves of enemy attack as possible. The game play involved in both the levels is the same: scores of enemy war craft are unleashed upon the player, which he has to defeat through the strategic placement of his troops. As many as nine different types of waves are available and each wave requires a different strategy to defeat it. There are four base war crafts that are available to the player: land to land combat, land to air combat, fire emission and sound emission. The player will have to cleverly maneuver through these war crafts and their various upgrades to defeat the enemy wave. The first two maps are available for free and the rest of the maps are available for purchase. There are numerous ways to defeat an enemy wave and setting the strategy is solely based on the player’s ability to set up defense formations. The order of the enemy waves is random and this adds more spice to the game, meaning that a level which has already been cleared can be difficult the next time, due to a different order in which the enemy waves are released. This game has all the necessary ingredients to keep the players mesmerized for a long, long time.

Screenshot: A couple of sample screenshots from the game are attached below:

Defense Line game screen

Defense Line Tutorial

Verdict: High adrenaline fun for war strategy game buffs !!!

Rating: 9/10

[Games] Kata Ball

App Summary:

Name : Kata Ball


Category : Casual
Size : 12 MB
Supported Android versions : 2.1+
App Version : 0.7.5
Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PJgamestudio.kataball


Description: “Kata Ball” is a word play game with a rather unique idea. The aim of the game is to capture the individual letter balls of the given word in the droider controlled basket within the stipulated period of time.

Target Audience: This app is mainly targeted at kids and is well designed to satisfy the target audience with bright colors adding a dash to the app. It could also work out as a nice time pass for adults.

User Interface: The user interface is nicely done with bright colors used as much as possible, which gives the app a rich feel. The background score is nice without being too heavy, giving a comfortable feel to the player. The letters on the dropping balls are big and legible and doesn’t make the player squint to read the letters.

Functionality: The game follows a multiple level pattern with each level broken down into multiple sub-levels which need to be completed before the level can be passed. The basket in the game can be controlled through one of three user defined motions – swipe, touch and tilt with the tilt being my personal favorite. The amount of control provided by swipe and touch need getting used to and are not as good as tilt. The target word can be generated in one of six different languages, which is a really good feature. Had the meaning for the words been provided, the app could have easily transformed into a beginner level language learning app. There are also five different helplines provided within the game in case the droider needs any help, with each helpline vastly different from the rest and could really come in handy as the player progresses to higher levels. On the downside, the memory occupied by the game is large and caused a couple of crashes when run on my Samsung Galaxy Ace device. This problem might not be experienced with the later mobiles.

Screenshot: A couple of sample screenshots from the game are attached below:



Verdict: Fun time pass for the young as well as the adults !!!

Rating: 8/10

[Games] ColorCode

App Summary:

Name : ColorCode


Category : GAMES(Brain & Puzzle)
Size : 269 KB
Supported Android versions : 2.2+
App Version : 1.1


Description: “ColorCode” is a brain and puzzle game, that promises to awake the cryptologist within you. With as many as five different levels available in varying difficulties, it is sure to be a very difficult challenge for the toughest of puzzle crackers.

Target Audience: The main audience for this app would be droiders who have a flair and interest for solving puzzles. With multiple levels available, it is sure to be a treat for the most ardent of puzzle lovers.

User Interface: The user interface is the only weak link in this app and it could do with a bit of sprucing up. The plain looking buttons in the initial menu and difficulty menu could well be improved upon. Also, the coming soon button doesn’t redirect anywhere which is a big turn off. But once the playing screen of the app is opened, the user interface is good and smooth and as user friendly as a puzzle game could be. The buttons for clearing the selected options, refreshing the game and link to help are also very thoughtful touches.

Functionality: The aim of the game is to find the predefined sequence of pegs, which is initially chosen by the device, through smart guessing. As the difficulty increases, the number of pegs and colors also increases making it all the more difficult to guess the sequence within the provided number of attempts. The users might have a bit of difficulty in understanding the game initially but this difficulty is very well neutralised by the thoughtfully provided help menu which is easy to understand. At 269 KB, the game sure does pack in more punch than it weighs. However the game seems to have a large memory footprint which can work to it’s disadvantage especially in early mobile models which do not have much memory to spare. The custom level where the user can decide the number of pegs, colors and turns is also a nice bonus!

Screenshot: A couple of sample screenshots from the game are attached below:



Verdict: Entertainment unlimited for puzzle lovers !!!

Rating: 8/10

[Tools] Touch and Draw

App Summary:

Name : TOUCH and DRAW  


Category : TOOLS
Size : 1.6 MB
Supported Android versions : 2.2+
App Version : 2.2


Description: “Touch and Draw” is a painting application, with all the features that is expected from a good paint application, and then some more. With multiple features and options available, this application is designed to keep you hooked onto it for ages.

Target Audience: The main audience for this app would be droiders who spend a lot of time with paint related tools. There are plenty of in-built images available in case you do not know where to start. The app is also surely bound to be a hit among kids, with most of these in-built images being those of famous cartoon characters. The app is also bound to impress people who need to quickly come up with quirky images to share through social networking sites.

User Interface: With the myriad of options available, it is possible that the user might quickly get lost. Fortunately this is not the case as the user interface is simple and uncluttered. The developer has also thoughtfully provided a help option explaining the features of every single option available in the app. This is especially handy since there are no tooltips available for the buttons. The ads are also unobstrusive, providing no hinderance while the user is in the midst of his work.

Functionality: There is a platitude of functionalities available in this app. The standard options like drawing straight lines and free lines, shapes, filling colours, eraser, redo and undo options, cut and paste, move and resize are all available. There are also options to calibrate your paint brush with the required thickness and opacity. However, the two features that really stood out for me were the vertical and horizontal mirror image generator and the random image generator. The mirror image generator creates a mirror of the image that we draw and it can be set both in x and y directions as required. This comes very handy for the creation of symmetrical images. The random image generator automatically creates a new image of diiferent shape, color and opacity whenever it is chosen and it could be fun to create a image with all the random images generated.

Screenshot: A sample screenshot which was drawn using the app is attached below:


Verdict: With bundles of features available and that too for a free app, this is a must-have for all paint enthusiasts.

Rating: 9/10

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